Senigallia, nestled in the heart of the mid-Adriatic coast, between the mouth of the Misa River and the gentle hills of the hinterland, surprises on several fronts.

The epithet with which it is known, Spiaggia di Velluto (Velvet Beach), is already quite eloquent: its 13 kilometers of fine sand are a real paradise for lovers of sun, sea and sunbathing, set in a beautiful promenade, lively and full of services, from beach tennis courts for the sporty to trendy cocktail bars, from state-of-the-art bathing establishments to starred restaurants.
The famous Rotonda a Mare stands out in the middle of the coastline: much loved, much photographed, the undisputed symbol of the city.

Senigallia does not live by the sea alone: its old town is beautiful and animated by a cultural and social ferment comparable to that of much larger urban centers.
The Rocca Roveresca, a splendid example of fifteenth-century military architecture, the evocative Portici Ercolani that run along the right bank of the Misa with all their cafes, shops and cocktail bars, and the Foro Annonario, the scene of world-famous shows and concerts, are not to be missed while strolling through the streets of the city.

It's impossible not to mention two of the city's excellences: Summer Jamboree, a legendary international festival dedicated to American music and culture of the 1940s and 1950s, and the restaurant business, represented first and foremost by star chefs Moreno Cedroni and Mauro Uliassi, both DOC Senigallians.

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