It is a paradise-like vision which unfolds before the eyes of those who visit Campofilone for the first time: nestled among smooth hills, the picturesque medieval village offers an unparalleled view of the green Marche countryside and the blue Adriatic Sea just 3 km away.

You can easily reach the coast and indulge in carefree moments of leisure and relaxation on the beautiful 1.5 km long sand and pebble beach; then, at the end of a long day at the beach, it's easy to go to the center and explore its beauty, enclosed within solid walls protecting its treasures.

Just as the castle, with the mighty Porta Marina, Porta da Sole and Porta Bora, privileged access to the village dotted with narrow streets and panoramic views overlooking the sea, or as the Municipal Theatre, lively cultural center and aggregation.

Maccheroncini di Campofilone IGP is worth mentioning, very thin egg pasta strands known and appreciated all over the world, traditionally served with a meat sauce and celebrated during a picturesque summer festival.

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Camping Village Fontana Marina


Loc. Tre Camini, SS16 - I-63828 - Campofilone (FM)